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Wolfcom Australia has partnered with ForenSix to provide you and your team with the appropriate legislative and policy knowledge of Body Worn Cameras (BWC’s) and their use.


  • Body Worn Cameras and Evidence Management Software/Storage Solutions - an understanding

  • What the law says (applicable state legislation)

  • BWC and effective communication

  • The when, why and how of body worn cameras and Evidence Management Software/Storage Solutions (Protocol, policy and practice)

  • Practical techniques to keep compliance and investigation staff (and their colleague’s) safe, including real-life scenarios aimed at reinforcing the learnt material.

  • It also focuses on ensuring effective verbal, non-verbal communication skills and procedural awareness for Storage and Evidence Solutions


Book your training with ForenSix - QUOTE WOLFCOM TRAINING
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Generic program $195 per participant. Model specific training costs $249 per participant.



● Ethical ● Professional ● CommitteD

The Forensix Group recommends and trusts Wolfcom Body Worn Cameras and associated accessories.

"Aggressive and angry customers present a significant risk to the health and safety of any employee, the ability to use effective verbal and non-verbal communication to de-escalate hostile, violent or aggressive situations is an essential skill set for the modern compliance professional. These techniques, used in conjunction with BWC’s, provide an allround solution to minimising assault (and psychological) risks to employees."

How is the workshop delivered?
Body Worn Camera (BWC) training can be delivered face-to-face (three hours) as a generic introduction, or four hours with specific BWC model application. Participants receive certificate of completion. There are also video conferencing capabilities (Zoom) for the same workshop.


How many participants are required?
This workshop is capped at 12 participants because of the focus on scenario-based instruction and learning.


What is the cost of the program?
The cost of the generic program is $195 per participant. Model specific training costs $249. Discounts apply for multiple attendees.


Are your instructors qualified? Experienced?
Our instructors are all experienced trainers and hold relevant training qualifications. They are also experienced law enforcement and compliance officers who’ve ‘been there, done that.’

About ForenSix
ForenSix Investigations Group are specialists in investigation, compliance and training.


With a reach across Australasia, we exist to help local and state governments, private enterprise, security and non-governmentorganisations address their specific investigation and training needs.


We also welcome rural and remote assignments. Contact Wolfcom Australia today for a noobligation chat on how we can help you.

We are the only trainers incorporating Virtual Reality (VR) as part of our BWC training!

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