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The Wolfcom Commander is an amazing, feature packed body camera.


(Camera Purchase Includes Charge/Data Cable, Single Dock* and Rotating Clip)

*The Single Dock will also charge an additional Swapout Battery (battery not incl).


Shipping per item:

Australia $22 / New Zealand $35

For large orders please contact us for optimised shipping costs


WEMS Software options CLICK HERE


The Commander by WOLFCOM® is the world’s first Smart Android Body Camera System designed specifically for Law Enforcement. The Commander takes body camera technology to the next level!


"4 in 1" Multi-Purpose Multifunctional Device that provides these 4 main features:

  • Body Camera and Digital Camera function
  • With subscriptions to COPS (Commander Online Platform System) and a Comms Connection Plan:
    • Real-Time Audio & Video Livestream From Camera to Base.
    • Real-Time GPS Location Tracking of every Officer on a Map.
    • PTT (Push To Talk) Voice communication between Dispatch and Body Cameras.
    • Send SMS Text Message from Camera to Camera and Dispatch.

(Please ask for pricing - the COPS/Livestreaming is used predominantly by agencies with dispatch and monitoring capabilities)


Main Features of this camera:

  • Up to 15 Hour Battery (replaceable in the field)
  • 1080p High-Resolution recording
  • 140-Degree Wide-Angle lens
  • 360-Degree Durable Metallic Clip
  • IPX Rating 68
  • Android Operating System
  • Ability to Stamp an Officers Badge number onto Video and Photos
  • Battery indicator on LCD screen
  • Vibration confirmation and low-battery alert
  • Simultaneous Photo taking during video recording
  • Programmable Automatic Built-in Night-Vision
  • Programmable Public Awareness Light
  • One-Touch Recording
  • Pre-Record Mode (up to 15 hours of recording)


Features Requiring Subscription to the Wolfcom "COPS" + Comms Data Connection Plan

  • 4g/LTE connectivity
  • Live Stream-enabled
  • Real-Time location tracking
  • Remote View
  • Push To Talk (PTT) communication
  • SOS Emergency
  • Built-in GeoTag stamps Date, Time, and GPS coordinates onto every video and photo files
  • Facial Recognition – in development
  • AI – in development

(Please enquire about these features)


Future Technology Ready ™ (FTR)

The WOLFCOM Commander is Future Technology Ready. We designed our police camera to be ahead of its time and ready to integrate with future technology that either doesn't exist yet or is still in its infancy stage. This means it will be several years before the Wolfcom Commander becomes outdated.


Vibration and Audio Confirmations Alerts

The unit has vibration and audio confirmations when activating and de-activating recording.

One-Touch Record (OTR)

The Commander Police Camera features a unique technology called One Touch Record (OTR). This technology allows officers to start and stop recording with the press of a button. To begin recording audio and video, simply press the center button. To stop recording, quickly press the center button twice.


Public Awareness Light (PAL)

The Commander features a Public Awareness Light (PAL), located on the front of the unit. The purpose of the PAL is to inform the public that they are being recorded. Designed to promote good behavior from the knowledge of being recorded, the PAL can be turned on/off according to the officer's or department's preferences. To turn it on/off, press and hold the Light Button on the side of the device for 2 seconds.


Instant In-Car Video Camera

The Wolfcom Commander police body-worn camera can also be used as a police in-car camera. Just use our Commander car mount and attach your camera to the windshield. When the officer gets into his vehicle, he can quickly mount the WOLFCOM Commander camera onto the windshield. When he exits his vehicle, he can remove it from the mount and attach it onto his uniform.


Advanced Pre and Post-Record with Audio

The unit also features configurable pre and post-record at 1080P resolution with audio. In the event an officer is under a stressful situation and forgets to turn their camera on at the right time, this feature will capture what happened before the unit was powered on, making sure nothing is left unrecorded.


Night Vision Capability

The WOLFCOM Commander police camera features infrared LEDs for low light and nighttime situations. Night vision is configurable and can be turned on or off according to each department's policies.


THE COPS WOLFCOM Command Center (Manage - Monitor - Command - Control)

Subscribe to COPS (Commander Online Platform System), and you will be able to watch live video from any Commander camera when your officers are out in the field. In the event of an Emergency, Officers can activate our Emergency SOS Connect Feature. With a push of a button, the Officers Commander camera will activate a distress call and immediately send live video and GPS coordinates direct to Dispatch. Each Commander Camera can be tracked in real-time on a map. Using COPS, one camera or a group of cameras can Livestream back to Dispatch simultaneously. Communicate with each officer or a group of Officers with the PTT (Push To Talk) button.


Camera Compatibility and Lead Time

Commanders are an Android based camera are not compatible with iOS (Apple) operating systems. The Commander cameras are also ordered from our head office as per required specifications from our customers, being Standalone or Integrated with the COPS Solution. Any Commander orders can therefore take a couple of weeks to dispatch.


WOLFCOM Evidence Management System (WEMS) - On Premises

All videos that have been uploaded are then managed with (WEMS): The WOLFCOM Evidence Management System. WEMS can be accessed from any computer on the network and has the following features:

  • Tag and Classify Files
  • Retention Policies
  • Automatic Redaction
  • User Rights & Permissions
  • Audit Reports
  • Advanced Sharing
  • Advanced Video Editing
  • Bookmarks
  • GPS Geotag Playback
  • Analytics

Wolfcom Commander LE Body Worn Camera

SKU: BWT0091
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