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The Wolfcom Vision can also be used as a car dash camera. Using the Windscreen Mount (excludes Rotating Clip) offers the officer a more stable way to attach the Vision Cam whilst driving.


Clips can be purchased separately.


Just attach the Wolfcom to the Windscreen Mount and 12 volt adaptor, set the Vision to Car Mode and it will start recording when you start the car. (Please see below Car Mode for more information).

When the officer gets into his vehicle, he can quickly clip the Wolfcom Vision camera onto the window. When he exits his vehicle, he can unclip it from the visor and attach it onto his uniform. Simple, practical and versatile recording, in-car and on-body! Also has the Rotating Clip, so that any angle and direction can be positioned.


Car Mode

The Car Mode function enables the unit to be used as an in-car camera system.  The unit will begin recording video when the vehicle ignition is activated and will stop recording video when the vehicle ignition is de-activated. If desired, the Wolfcom Vision™ can begin recording when a siren is activated (Additional Installation and parts will be needed for Siren Activation). When attached or docked, the Wolfcom Vision™ and all of its accessories will also be charging. This would allow an officer to always have a fully charged body camera.

Wolfcom Vision Windscreen Mount (Includes Vision Clip)

SKU: BWT0013
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