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Wolfcom Evidence Management Software – On Premises (WEMS 2019 V2.0.3)


Combined with a dedicated 4TB, 8TB or 12TB Workstation (larger if required), the WEMS has the following user friendly features:

•    Manages and stores all evidence in the one system - video, photo, audio, documents, file notes, etc, with no ongoing storage fees.

•    Automatically extracts the cameras footage (from Wolfcom Vision or Halo)

•    Web-based Viewing from any networked pc

•    Universal, easy to use, dashboard
•    Encrypts Files to keep files secure in storage (stamped with a SHA2 256-bit hash)
•    Fast & Easy searching of files via metadata (ie. Date, Officer, Officer ID, Case Number, Location, etc)
•    Will generate Audit Trail Reports at the click of a button
•    Allows Viewing, Tagging and Verifying the integrity of the assets
•    Automatically purges files based on the departments retention policies

•    Comprehensive control of system rights and user permissions

•    Utilises Microsoft Windows Server and SQL Server

•    All user activities are logged allowing for Chain of Custody

•    Basic Redaction (Automatic Redaction also available as an option) - New

•    Email Settings and Email Notifications - New

•    Share File Feature - New

•    Case Folder Report and Case Notes - New

•    Many other new features (please ask for a full WEMS 2019 brochure to be emailed)


* Trial WEMS Lite for free - please visit WEMS Lite (Single User)


(Please Note: The WEMS On-Premises Solution requires a specific Workstation to run effectively and efficiently, and will maximise your WEMS experience when installed on one of these Workstations. These are supplied as part of the full WEMS On-Premsies Solutions. Other applications and USB connections/drivers will effect the WEMS Experience and are not recommended on any WEMS Workstation).



The WOLFCOM Evidence Management Software (WEMS) is a feature-packed, user-friendly evidence management software used by hundreds of police departments and security agencies all around the world. We at WOLFCOM, understand different companies have distinct issues, needs and interests. That’s why we worked hard to develop a complete and multi-purpose solution to manage every type of digital and non digital evidence that can be completely customised with your brand’s services and identity.

Police Body Camera Video Management
Our new Evidence Management Software is now Web-Based and completely scalable for the future. It can be accessed from any browser on your network. It is a robust and flexible digital evidence management software that can manage all of your video assets, photos, audio files, and documents. A user, with proper rights and privileges, will be able to tag, view and verify the integrity of the asset, generate an audit trail report, and automatically purge the files based on the department’s retention policies.

Universal Dashboard
Having a simple Widget Application Dashboard makes use of the software easy and familiar. Because it is a recognisable platform, there will be no learning curve for Admins and Users.
Finding a file is quick and easy.

The intuitive user interface is officer-friendly and simple to use
Thumbnail file preview allows you to see thumbnails of picture or preview a video to make sure you have the correct file. Having all your information easily accessible in one place allows officers to spend more time fighting crime and less time wrestling with digital files. All metadata from a file is searchable by date, times, location, camera, officer, room numbers and much more. Evidence can be viewed from any department computer on the network. Wolfcom can provide either a web-based or a client/server based solution, based on your department's preference.

Evidence is organised by Case Number
Law Enforcement activities are categorized by a Case Number or similar identifier; this allows the officers to organize all digital evidence from that case to a specific Case Number. So when they pull up a case, they can view all the digital evidence affiliated with that case.

Define access levels to evidence
The WOLFCOM Evidence Management Software allows each department to dictate what evidence can be viewed by each user. Groups and Organisations are configured to align with the policies of your department. This will all be customisable.

Always protect your chain of custody
All activity is logged by the system. An audit trail report displays who, what, when and where files have been accessed. With this system, you will not lose a case because a break in chain of custody.

File Authentication
Once a file is ingested into the WOLFCOM Evidence Management Software, the files will be stamped with a SHA2 256-bit Hash. This will assure the files will be authentic and admissible in court.

Configure file retention periods
Only store critical information and automatically delete evidence once expired. The WOLFCOM Evidence Management Software allows evidence to be purged from the system based upon configured retention periods or by an authorized user. Schedule retention period by evidence type or by crime type.

Maximize your storage investment
Most systems treat all digital evidence the same. They maintain it all on the same storage for the same length of time. The Wolfcom Evidence Management Software allows you to catalogue your digital evidence based on its importance. You can store evidence in either a centralised location or distributed locations, based on your preference. Digital evidence is deleted when the associated time period is expired. Manage your storage to manage your costs!

Web-Based Solution
Once the Workstation is connected to your network, any connected pc will allow any user with the correct permissions and passwords, to access the WEMS software. They can update their evidence's metadata, add file notes, attach files, etc.


Standard Setup Configuration Software is included with all Wolfcom Vision and Halo Camera purchases. 
This is obtained through a link that your Wolfcom Australia Representative will email to you. Please Contact Us for more information.

The Wolfcom Vision and Halo are designed with chain of custody and security in mind. The memory of the unit is not removable unless accessed by using specialised tools. Additionally, when the unit is connected to a computer, files cannot be accessed without the correct software and the set password. These security features minimise significantly, the risk of tampering of any recorded or still image evidence.


(Please note that Wolfcom Camera and Software Packages only operate on Windows PCs and not Apple OS Systems)

WEMS Enterprise [ON PREMISES] (Multi User)

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