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We specialise in all Wolfcom Products. Wolfcom Australia brings Wolfcom’s Advanced Law Enforcement Products & Solutions to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Utilising Wolfcom’s extensive catalogue of Cameras, Evidence Management Software, Load Bearing Vests and more, Wolfcom Australia will find THE TOTAL SOLUTION, leaving you to focus on the job at hand.


PRODUCTs & services at a glance

We supply Local Councils, Security, Correctives and other Law Enforcement Organisations with the following (and more!)

Body Cameras, New Wolfcom Evidence Management Solution and Body Camera Accessories.


“Off the shelf” or Customised LBVs, Slash/Cut Resistant LBVs, Embroidered Security Polo Shirts, Security Tactical ID Holder Arm Bands, etc...


:: NEW EVIDENCE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE :: Training in Body Cam Operations & Software, Site Installations, Site Inductions, Cloud Storage Solutions and Warranty/Repair Work

why wolfcom australia?

We understand your requirements! We will help your organisation transition to a Wolfcom Solution that meets your needs. Whether it be Body Cams, Evidence Management Solutions or other Wolfcom products, we keep it simple so you can concentrate on your most important jobs!

Utilising our extensive experience, we will work with you to ensure you get what you need at a competitive price. Wolfcom Australia gives you total confidence in sourcing the best law enforcement camera products and solutions, and just as importantly, providing after-sales support for these.

Trials and Samples

We believe business is about our partnership with you and our products & solutions not just doing their job but exceeding expectations.


GET THE BEST SOLUTION: Contact Us now to discuss your Wolfcom Body Camera requirements and solutions. *Please ask us for a Wolfcom Vision camera trial or a load bearing vest sample so you can see their quality and value to your organisation (*approved organisations only).

WOLFCOM® is an official sole source supplier to the US military and Department of defense for Body Camera and Evidence Management System.


Awarded a contract in 2019, we work with military customers in developing, enhancing, and supplying the US Armed Forces with 100% American Made Body Camera Solution.

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wolfcom australia

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Phone: 0403 641 220   /   Email: Rick@WolfcomGlobal.com


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