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The Wolfcom Docking Station can be used to dock up to three Wolfcom Visions at a time or use it to dock a combination of Wolfcom Vision Cameras and 3.5 Hr Battery Packs.


Price includes Power Supply and Data/Charge Cable.


The Wolfcom Vision can be docked into the Vision Docking Station. Docking Stations are modular and can connect to each other. Each Docking Station will charge and download the files from up to three Vision Cameras and also charge the 3.5 Hr Extended Battery Packs (max of three devices in each Dock).


The Docking Station is connected to a workstation via USB which allows a transfer of recorded videos, digital photos and audio recordings to your designated storage, (or automatically transferred to the Wolfcom Management Software if this optional WEMS Software has been purchased).


The Docking Stations can be used to dock up to three Wolfcom Vision Cameras at a time, or use it to dock two Wolfcom Visions and one Extended Battery Pack, or three of any kind of these Vision products.


(The Wolfcom Vision is designed with chain of custody and security in mind.  The memory of the unit is not removable. The camera is sealed with security screws and can only be opened by a Wolfcom technician.  When the unit is plugged into a computer, files cannot be accessed without the correct software and password. All of this ensures that your evidence from the Vision camera is significantly restricted from tampering or from being deleted/transferred without permission.

Wolfcom Vision Docking Station

SKU: BWT0008
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