Wolfcom Australia can provide your organisation with bespoke training for your Wolfcom Cameras and Standard Software, at your designated location. They will learn firsthand about the functions and settings of the cameras, as well as any software operations that they will be required to perform. We will train your Officers to assist them in their understanding of how and why. (e.g. the usage of Car Mode, or the Vision Infra-Red External Camera option). They will also learn about troubleshooting and ‘best practice’ for faulty cameras.


Training is advantageous to your Officers for the following reasons:

  • It will break down the barriers of the unknown and give your Officers the confidence to embrace the new technology, with a positive mindset. The unknown is daunting, so to discuss and practice using the cameras and software in a forum, is highly beneficial to themselves and your organisation. This ensures they are equipped with the required information from the start!


  • As we tailor the training to your required Camera specifications, Officers are introduced to only these relevant settings and functions, so to not inundate them with irrelevant camera information. (e.g. if you don’t require pre-recording, then we remove this from the training to avoid confusion).


  • The training ensures the Manager for the camera project doesn’t have to spend hours reading the Camera and Software Ops Manuals, and can just focus on the procedural aspects of the cameras, rather than the technical and functional aspects. Leave that for us!


  • Our training also demonstrates the most common human and system errors that cause camera faults. In doing this, we minimise camera downtime and repair bills for issues (not covered under warranty), as well as preventing cameras being sent back for no apparent reason other than for lack of training. This also leads to undue frustrations and negativity about the Cameras and Software from an Officer and Management point of view.


Please Contact Us for any of your queries on the New Wolfcom Evidence Management Software, or refer to Product Code BWT0053 for more information on the WEMS.



Wolfcom Australia can install (and update) the Standard “User” and “Administrator” Software that is required for the Wolfcom operations. Please get in touch or refer to Product Code BWT0054 for more information on intallation.

Wolfcom Vision Camera and Standard Software Training

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