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Includes: Connection Cable, Polyester Pouch and Battery Pack Charge Cable


The two functions of the 21 Hour Battery Pack are the following:

  • Utilising the Pack to extend the recording period to over 23 hours continual recording.
  • Utilising the Pack to charge the Vision or Halo when an officer is isolated from electricity mains or a car charge outlet.
  • 10000mAH


The Wolfcom 21 Hour Extended Battery Pack is an optional extra for the Wolfcom Vision or Halo Cameras.


By simply plugging the camera into the 21 Hour Battery Pack, you will be able to record for your entire shift, with hours of power still left over!


Whilst off duty, having lunch for example, you can also use pack to charge the camera in your bag, ready for another few hours without any additional pack connected. The addition of the Extended Battery Pack ensures your camera remains ready for recording at all times.

Wolfcom 21 Hr Extended Battery Pack

SKU: BWT0010
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