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The Eye Vision™ (POV) Point Of View camera with built-in microphone, can attach to sunglasses, caps, shirt collar, helmet and even a weapon.


This offers the point of view perspective, where any head movements will be reflected in the camera’s recordings. This is ideal for many law enforcement situations, especially where the officers are in pursuit of subjects who are moving in different directions.


Once the external camera is plugged into the Wolfcom Vision A/V port, the main camera on the Vision is deactivated and recording is taken from the external camera. The Main Vision camera unit can be connected to a belt, load bearing vest or other uniform item, to increase the officer’s comfort. With the Critical Re-Connect Technology (CRC), if there are any altercations where the external camera is disconnected from the main camera, the main unit's camera and microphone will re-connect and recording of Audio and Video will resume.


[ Audio and video inputs on the unit lets an officer attach a variety of secondary external cameras allowing the officer the ability to choose between a dozen mounting options in order to choose the most comfortable configuration. Point Of View Cameras as well as hidden pinhole cameras can be attached to the Wolfcom Vision making it the most versatile body camera offering a multitude of choices for all types of law enforcement situations.]

Wolfcom Eye Vision External Cam

SKU: BWT0002
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